A business should be managed proactively not reactively

It is not uncommon to find companies that have been managed without changing anything for years. The entrepreneur or the board relies on a proven strategy that has worked for 10, 15 or 20 years and they assume that change is not necessary because at first glance everything seems to work.

However, the market changes and the competitors are not sleeping; therefore, it is important to invest or change direction at the right time – this could mean renewing the trademark, packaging or investing in upgrading the production processes.

If you have enjoyed monopoly status or success in the market for years, then the confidence it has created can be dangerous and hinder the development of your business. If you miss the right moment, then the risk of losing out in the market is great. That way you are giving the advantage to your competitors or a newcomer looking to enter the market in the same sector.

Want to make sure your company is moving in the right direction?

Our team consists of experts who can see the big picture of what is happening on the market. We map the market in an unbiased way and help position your company among competitors, as well as offer solutions on how to improve business and increase sales.

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I have worked in retail and food industry for over 20 years and have built up successful trademarks like Kapten Grant, Rannamõisa and Katharinenthal.

Over time I have acquired extensive experience in sales, marketing and product development, I have actively communicated with manufacturers and retail chains and have developed an understanding of seasonality in retail, taking business risks and cash flow accounting. I wish to share my experience and know-how with enterprises that want to move their business forward but need an external push and an impartial view to do so.

I have assembled a team of reputable experts, consisting of marketing and media specialists, designers, web developers, food stylists, food technologists, social media marketers and packaging artists. I believe that together we can, on the one hand, contribute to the development of the enterprises on the market, and, on the other, offer the enterprises entering the market all the necessary information about the functioning of the market, competitors’ activities and consumer behaviour.

David Pärnamets

How does business analysis work?

In the first stage we meet with the company management to map out the situation and problems, and raise questions, on the basis of which we will then work.

During the interview we identify how much feedback the customer is expecting and agree on a support team.

The support team consists of experts who have been successful in their field and have long-term experience. The cost of the service depends on the terms of reference and the time the experts spend working.

The work process requires that the audit team has free access to all work processes and employees. In order to determine the full potential of the experts in the company, we conduct individual interviews with them and initiate discussions during work.

The audit takes about 5 working days, we provide the analysis based on the audit with proposed solutions to the client 14 days later.

What is the result of the analysis?

  • The audit is specific and includes proposals.
  • The audit is based on facts and examples from real-life.
  • The audit provides an unbiased view of the market situation and the set task.
  • We propose a solution to the problems by offering a project-based consultation with the best experts in the field.
  • In terms of business, we can offer good advice and ideas for the future.
  • Because the audit is impartial, the customer will definitely get a good idea whether the path they have taken is the right one or if they need to change it.
  • The most important thing for us is to help the customer and produce new ideas that they could implement later in production or business processes.