Support services – an important part of the future of a business

When conducting the business analysis, we include the best specialists, ones who have been successful in their field and have years of experience.

At the first meeting we give our clients a chance to familiarise themselves with our team members’ previously completed works and then we can decide together what kind of specialists we need for the audit.

Packaging design

What are consumers actually seeing when they look at your product?

Packaging design is all about understanding the context. Yes, you need good design skills to make product appealing, but in order to design really great packages, products that sell, you need to understand consumer behavior. What motivates them to choose one product instead of another? What are the expectations towards one or another product category, is it possible to break the expectations and turn them to success or will it result in disaster? How will the competition react to your design changes?

A good designer has to know inside-out how the product is made, what are the processes influencing product quality. He has to have to have the ability to participate in product development and understand how the sales process and pricing policies work. How different supermarket chains and their PLs are influencing the market.

In a way, packaging IS the product. In many cases it is also the strongest carrier of your brand.

But packaging does not exist in vacuum, it has to be supported with right branding and marketing. Those are all essential components of your valuable brand.

Social media and visual language

To a large extent, success today is determined by active communication with customers through the company’s social media outlets.

It is important to know how to be visible and stand out. One picture has to tell its own story that says more than a thousand words. Taking that into account, our specialists have created and developed communication channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) stylistically and by using visual language for many companies

Websites and online stores

The average lifespan of a website is 4–5 years.No matter how well thought out the original website is, the needs and the services of the company change, and so do the software and the solutions that can be used to create websites. Attractive design is not enough to make the website user-friendly and representative of your company’s goals in just the way you want. Web development is always a result of teamwork. A creative director, project manager, designer and developer are all included and ready to offer their assistance in the process of developing a website:

  • Mapping the objectives of the website and the target group
  • Mapping customer behaviour and desired customer activities on the website
  • Collecting and modernising the content of the website (pictures, texts, materials for represented trademarks)
  • Copy editing
  • SEO
  • For online stores, the process of shopping and everything related to it needs to be discussed: how to process orders, which payment and shipment options to choose, whether to connect it to warehouse management and accounting software and how to do it, etc.

Stylistics and branding

A corporate identity consists of numerous elements, at the core of which is the company logo.

In addition to the logo, the overall image of the company needs to be determined with the help of elements of the logo, fonts, colours, etc., and the usage of the elements on different mediums (starting with websites and visiting cards, ending with cars and corporate gifts) needs to be decided.

Recognisable branding and standing out in retail is just as important as the company logo and stylistics.

CVI or corporate visual identity provides guidance on how to use logos and visual elements, it could just include the general shape of the logo, colours, protected area and its usage on different backgrounds, but it could be more detailed and show the general designs of stands, packaging, digital materials, print materials, etc.

Market analysis

What are your competitors doing?

Is the market ready for your product?

What are consumer expectations and needs?

When is the best time to launch a new product?

Based on our extensive experience in retail, we analyse market conditions, trends and competitors to make it easier for you to make choices. We offer assistance on entering the market, planning changes and action planning.


How to motivate sales personnel and contact people?

What is the easiest way to grab the attention of consumers?

Is participation in trade fairs worth the investment?

Our experienced specialists share their tried and trusted tips on how to convince the consumer to make the decision to purchase easier and how to encourage upselling. We help motivate employees and resellers and give advice on how to make the most of participating in trade fairs.