Looking to enter a new market?

Entering a market with a new product or brand always involves many risks.

Which strategy to choose?

Is the market ready for the new product or brand?

What are the competitors doing?

Should you use resellers or open your own store?

What are the local market requirements for packaging and information materials?

How and when should you do so?

We provide market analysis and appropriate advice to enterprises entering the market.

  • We map out the market situation and competitors.
  • We analyse how high the demand is and how many consumers the new product or brand could have.
  • We will assess whether entering the market at that point in time is reasonable and advise which market entry strategy to choose in order to achieve the maximum result.
  • We will advise when it is viable to open a local shop and when it would be better to use resellers and local distributors.
  • We recommend partners and offer our know-how about logistics management.

Want more information?

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